HurriClaims provides a number of services to assist you in claims handing.  We know that there is so much more to a claim that it requires all the right tools to see the whole picture.  We utilize drones for for those 3 and 4 story coastal properties, thermal imaging to see all the hidden water damage and 360 virtual tours so you can see the detail in every room. This is ideal so that nothing is missed.  To assist us in gathering property diagrams, we also provide Hover reports to give you the roof and elevations diagrams so measurements are not missed or incorrect.


Having written thousands of claims, with large loss experience, mediation, alternative dispute resolution, we can work with you in many capacities.  Gathering data with the advanced tools, writing estimates, understanding the claims process, we can  provide an amazing claims experience for you.


Aerial Inspections

Aerial photo report with roof diagram.  Photo reports include an analysis of damage and shows location of damage on the roof. 


Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging will show any water intrusion within the room. 


Virtual Damage Walk Through

A virtual damage walk through of the property showing all damages 360 degrees with a floor plan. 



We provide Xactimate estimating for claims.